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These details only apply only to civil wedding ceremonies:


After your wedding the bottom portion of your marriage license will be mailed into the courthouse for you as a courtesy.  


Your marriage license is usually filed by the courthouse  in approximately 5 - 7 days after your wedding.  Effective in approximately 2017 the courthouse started mailing one free certified copy of your marriage license receipt (short, bottom portion of your marriage license) to each married couple, although this could take up to a month after your wedding to receive.  


It is your responsibility to check that your marriage license is filed following your wedding ceremony. You can check that your marriage license was received and filed by the Pima County Superior Court, by following this link. If your marriage license was issued from another county, you will have to check with that county directly.


If you plan on changing your name, follow this link for excellent instructions.


If there are any additional services requested by either of us or the witnesses we provided after your wedding, i.e., assistance with immigration paperwork, international marriage paperwork, etc. there will be an additional fee of at least $25 per half hour increment for our time.t

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